What is a business forum

What is a business forum?


Taking a look at the English meaning of Forum, A forum is a place, situation, or group in which people exchange ideas and discuss issues, especially important public issues.

From the above definition it can easily be deduced that a forum is a place of meeting of people of the same interest, to discuss issues as it may concern them, usually a public or general issues.

A forum can be a club forum, a legal forum, professional forum or even a social forum.

Hence,a business forum could be defined as a Public medium (such as a newspaper column) or place used for business related debates in which anyone can participate in General business discussion, advice and assistance.


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It is a place of public meeting for open discussion, a place where people are allowed to ask questions, share ideas and contribute to a given issue.

The World Business Forum is an annual global business summit held in New York City. A 2008 Burson-Marsteller survey ranked the forum among the world’s top five most influential venues for C-Suite executives. The event is organized by WOBI, an executive education and management content firm.

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Read also “what is a business center“….


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