What is a business center?

People have been untiredly asking me what does business center mean, they have been pointing at the common so-called business center we know in Nigeria. As usual, people who sell mobile and sometimes other recharge card usually under a canopy or a big umbrella. They also provide phone call services too.

It is time you need to know that a business center is more than just selling cards under a canopy or umbrella at a streets junction.

Simply put, “A business center is a place or space where businesses or organizations can rent offices or rooms for meetings, events, etc; usually located at the part of a town or country where most business is conducted so as to enhance easy accessibility of the clients.

It can also be a professionally managed commercial facility that offers an end-to-end business infrastructure for a short to medium term duration. Clients can choose from a wide range of flexible options that suit their needs. Based on the specific space and infrastructural requirements, clients can take advantage of customized, unbranded serviced offices.

A Business Center would offer an ideal setting for Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) to start-up operations in a new location because they allow companies to commence operations immediately, without the hassles of putting together business critical services and infrastructure where setting up an office for the company in such location could not be easier or more cost-effective.

            It could be spelt as “Business Centre” or “Business Center” depending on whether you are using British English or American English.

Accessories or facilities a business center could have include the following:

  • Office rooms
  • Meeting Rooms and Support Services
  • Boardrooms in Hotels
  • Serviced Offices
  • Virtual office
  • Dedicate Offices
  • Branch Offices among others.

It also provides Commercial premises usable by the occupiers for a short period as mentioned above on a membership basis of the center. Usually, a business center charges for the full service accommodation, which is generally substantially higher than the rental of a standard office space and usually includes cost of housekeeping, electricity, and security systems.

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