WAEC Office in Abuja: Contact Address Details

WAEC Office in Abuja: Address and Contact Details

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), is an international examination body in charge of the conducts the west Africa senior school certificate Examination which also serves as prerequisite before gaining admission into tertiary institution such as Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education.

In 1952, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) was established and has immensely contributed to educational development in Anglophone countries which are Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

WAEC office in Abuja

WAEC office in Abuja

Should in case there is need for consultation or clarification, below is WAEC Abuja contact  details.

Secretariat Road,
P.M.B 67, Garki,

e-mail: waecabuja@yahoo.co.uk

WAEC Office in Abuja: Address and Contact Details


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  1. Dear WAEC Officials! Greetings to you all. Wat disciplinary action could be taken against a christian school that used deception to obtain approval from the WAEC board? Thank you Sirs/ Madams!

  2. Davies Rachael (Mrs)

    Please I can’t not access my son’s result may/june 2019, the page is displaying no result available for the candidate in the specified year and exams diet. Please help. Waec


      Dear WAEC Office Abuja, we’ve been trying my son’waec result but the response was that; ‘NO RESULT FOR THE CANDIDATE IN THE SPECIFIED YEAR AND EXAM DIET’ please what is the way forward? this was done on several occations but to no avail. please reply via; jidris2015@gmail.com because the email box provided below is not responding, I think you need to contact your web designer for some errors


    Dear WAEC Office,

    we’ve been trying to check the 2019 result for MARKUS, AYUBA JOHNSON, the response displayed to us is; NO RESULT AVAILABLE THE CANDIDATE IN THE SPECIFIED YEAR AND EXAM DIET. please what what is the way forawrd. Thank you

  4. To whom it may concern. Good day, please when will the outstanding result on physics be released

  5. Dear WAEC officials, please release the withheld results of 2019 candidates those that are innocent because we may likely loss admission because of you WAEC board.

  6. Dear WAEC, please my brother lost his belongings while traveling in the park. Is it possible to retrieve another result from WAEC office because he knows is examination number.

  7. WAEC Officials thanks for your usual cooperations.Please l was among the 2020 WAEC candidates. I did not cheat in my exams and this made other candidates in the hall and even my teachers laugh at me for not participating in EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE as they were participating in it in the exam hall.

  8. Please help me.

  9. Please help me and do something about EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE.

  10. Please when will the 2020 witheld results be released.

  11. Dear waec officials pls release the withheld results of the 2021 waec exams ,because we may likely loose the admission offered to us if we do not complete our registration process

  12. Please waec official I have a complain to make I am not seeing my results in waec portal it just saying RESULT NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS CANDIDATE IN THIS SPECIFIC YEAR DIET pls I need help it 2021 result

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