Tecno Office in Ilorin: Contact Details.

Tecno Office in Ilorin: Address and Contact Details.

Tecno Phones Offices in Nigeria
In Nigeria, over the years now, Tecno has been one of the fattest if not the fastest growing mobile phone in Nigeria. Its phone is affordable compared to the like of Samsung with providing similar service

In case you have issues, questions, challenges with your tecno phone, Calcare service is in charge of to render their service. Calcare service in collaboration with Tecno give quality service with little charges and may be free if the device is within the warranty period.

Note: it is important to know that warranty has a limited stage. It advisable to use your phone with almost care. Do not try to root your Tecno phone, break the screen or cover/casing(touchscreen), as these can deny your warranty, hence warranty void.

Tecno Office in ilorin

Tecno Office in ilorin

Below is the Address and Contact Details of Tecno Office in Ilorin.


2nd Floor, Ostrich Bakery Building,

155 Ibrahim Taiwo Rd,

Ilorin, Nigeria



Tecno Office in Ilorin: Address and Contact Details.

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