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Ten Most Visited Site in the World Today

Ten Most Visited Site in the World Today   Let’s look at the ten most visited websites in the world today.      Most Businesses in Nigeria take advantage of websites traffic to boost their business. The major source for compiling this list is Alexa, the world most accurate source for well-detailed analysis of websites and […]

Business Grants in Nigeria

 Business Grants in Nigeria In the previous posts on this site, we’ve discussed the meaning of Business Grants. Here, we shall take a look at Business Grants in Nigeria. Talking about Business Grants in Nigeria, it is referred to as some Government and Non-governmental organizations that ensure and enhance the survival of some Small and […]

What is a Business Information System?

What is a Business Information System (BIS)? Business Information Systems (BIS) play a pivotal role in a business enterprise set-up, characterized by global outsourcing, strategic procurement, and global business alliances. Business Information Systems (BIS) is regarded as the analysis and organization of business information through the application of technology (and computer science). As such it […]

How to start Zobo Business in Nigeria: Steps and Guidelines

Questions are being asked about “How to start Zobo Business in Nigeria: Steps and Guidelines“. Zobo drink is common in the southwestern part of Nigeria, Zoborodo also was known as “zobo” in short is a drink made from dried flowers, it’s known as “Soboloin” Ghana, “sorrel” in the Caribbean, “Bisapp” in Central Africa, “Rosella” in Australia. Zobo drink is very nutritious and medicinal. Ingredients […]