Nigerian Embassy in Abuja: Contact Details.

Nigerian Embassy in Abuja: Contact Details.

An Embassy is a permanent foreign diplomatic mission which is usually located in a foreign country’s capital city headed by  ambassador which is the highest official in an embassy while acting as the spokesperson and chief diplomat for the home government. Nigeria Ambassadors are usually appointed by Federal Government of Nigeria and later approved by the House of Assembly

Nigeria Embassy are bilateral missions abroad to promote foreign interests abroad and also play an important role in trade development, cultural affairs, consular matters and local contacts with the press.

It’s important to know that the activities of all Nigeria embassies are coordinated from  Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria.

NOTE: Embassy means the main representative office of another country in the capital city of Nigeria and primarily headed by the Ambassador. Therefore, impossible to have Nigeria embassy in Abuja.

Nigerian Embassy is the body which represent the government in the particular location(Foreign), it provides necessary information about Visa requirement for resident in the state

Nigerian Embassy in Abuja: Contact Details.

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