list of Top IT firms in Nigeria.

Top IT firms in Nigeria

IT awareness among the youth is no doubt increasing day by day. IT makes sharing information across the Nigeria. Youth nowadays are now into IT as diversification to develop the country economically. Nigeria Government still has a lot to do about motivating youth about IT.

Top IT firms in Nigeria.

Top IT firms in Nigeria.

IT is yet to be exploring full especially among the youth, it is important to know and learn more about top IT in Nigeria.

Below is the list of Top IT firms in Nigeria.

  • 9Mobile formerly called Etisalat, it is among the leading IT firm in Nigeria having their head office in Eti Osa, Lagos with several branches across the state. It domiciled in UAE with its operation spread across Africa and Middle East. In 2008, it started operation by providing mobile phone service, data service and lot more
  • Airtel Nigeria is also another leading telecommunication in Nigeria which is domiciled in India. Its started in 2010 in Nigeria by taking over Zain Mobile having head office is in Lagos having branches across the state.
  • Dataflex is an indigenous IT in Nigeria, it started in Nigeria some years back by supplying Computersto their clients. Dataflex is in partnership with a number of firms like IBM, Oracle, Dell, Fujitsu, EMC, Symantec, Microsoft etc. having is office at Murin Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
  • Globacom Nigeria Limited (GLO) is the first indigenous telecommunication firm in Nigeria owned by Mike Adenuga from Ogun State. It came into operation shortly after MTN stated its operation. Globacom service provides telephone service, data service and lot more. Its head office is located in Lagos with branches across the states and some Subsidiaries in countries like Togo, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Google is a well-known site by all students in Nigeria or outside the country, it is more of international firm based in America which has its branch in almost all the part in the world. In Nigeria, Google headquarters in Nigeria is at Rewane, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Google is no doubt the world largest and trusted Search Engine. Google not only serves as search engine but online adverting, cloud Storage, mailing and lot more.
  • IBM which is an acronym of International Business Machine is based in United State with a branch in Nigeria at Karum Ikotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. IBM deals with computer hardware, Software, Middleware, etc. they provide a service of consulting, cloud computing and hosting.
  • InterSwitch Limited is an IT firm which started in 2002 with its headquarters located in Oke Awo Close, Victoria Island, Lagos. InterSwitch Limited is an integrated payment and transaction processing proving transaction proceeding, technology integration, etc.
  • MTN is no doubt among the leading IT firm with is wide reach network coverage in Nigeria, MTN was a South African company which has a subsidiary in Nigeria. MTN stated operation in 2001 securing GSM license from NCC in Nigeria having their Head office is located in Golden Plaza Ikoyi, Lagos with branches across the country. Not only Nigeria, MTN has branches in some Africans Country. They provide GSM service, international roaming, service data service and lot more.
  • MainOne is also another indigenous IT firm in Nigeria which started its operation in 2010 providing wholesale internet service to Nigeria. MainOne office is located in Ligalia Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island.
  • Ericsson Nigeria has being relevant and respected Swedish based Multinational firm having its branches across the continents. Its headquarter is in Carington Cresent, Victoria Island, Lagos providing fixing broadband, cable TV, telecommunication and other soft wares issues.

Top IT firms in Nigeria.

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