List of the common Nigerian dishes.

List of the common Nigerian dishes.

Nigeria being the giant of Africa both in population and lad map, it a wonder place to stay with different people of different tribe, culture, religion and ethnicity. It is important to know that we have 3 major tribes in Nigeria which are Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo with other small tribes. In languages there are hundreds of languages.

Below is the List of the common Nigerian dishes.

  1. Rice and Stew is no doubt common to an average Nigerian
  2. Jollof rice and fried rice which is a common dishes for both elite and the common man in Nigeria. Especillay in Nigeria parties.
  3. Beans and Bread is also another common dish but some avoid it due to their health.
  4. Yam and Egg
  5. Beans and Plantain
  6. Yam porridge
  7. Yam and Beans
  8. Amala, Ewedu and stew or any other soup
  9. Pounded Yam and any soup
  10. Eba and any soup
  11. Tuwo shinkafa or masara with soup (common with the Northerner)
  12. Semo and any soup
  13.  Fufu and any soup

Note: soup in the above varies according to individual culture or nature. Below is the list of prefered soup

  • Egusi soup
  • Okra soup
  • Ewedu
  • Ugu Vegetables
  • Vegetables(Efo suko,Efo tete, depends on tribe)
  • Edika eko
  • Afan soup
  • Mia kuka

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