Below is the list of stockbrokers in Nigeria published by Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) that can be relied on for trade shares. It is important to be up to date, by checking the list occasionally as the exchange frequently amends it to capture active and inactive stockbrokers in Nigeria.

Here is a cross-section of the list;

Dealing Member(STOCKBROKERS) Status
Adamawa Securities Limited Active
Adonai Stockbrokers Limited Active
African Alliance Stockbrokers Limited Active
Afrinvest Securities Limited Active
Alangrange Securities Ltd Active
Amyn Investment Limited Active
Anchoria Investment & Securities Ltd Active
Apel Asset Limited (Formerly Apel Asset & Trust Limited) Active
APT Securities & Funds Limited Active
ARM Securities Limited Active
Arthur Stevens Asset Mgt Ltd Active
Associated Asset Managers Limited Active
Atlass Portfolio Limited Active
Bauchi Investment Corporation Securities Limited Active
Belfry Investment & Securities Limited Active
Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited Active
Calyx Securities Limited Active
Camry Securities Limited Active
Capital Assets Limited Active
Capital Bancorp Plc Active
Capital Express securities Limited Active
Capital Trust Brokers Limited Active
CardinalStone Securities Limited (Formerly Plural Securities Limited) Active
Cashcraft Securities Limited Active
Cashville Investments & Securities Ltd Active
CDL Capital Markets Limited Active
Centre Point Investment Limited Active
Century Securities Limited Active
Chapel Hill Denham Securities Limited Active
Chartwell Securities Limited Active
Citi Investment Capital Limited Active
City Code Trust & Invest Company Ltd Active
CLG Stockbrokers Limited (Formerly Anchorage Securities) Active
Compass Investments & Sec. Ltd Active
Cordros Securities Limited Active
Core Trust & Investment Limited Active
Coronation Securities Limited Active
CowrySecurities Ltd Active
Crane Securities Limited Active
Crossworld Securities Limited Active
Crown Capital Limited Active
CSL Stockbrokers Limited Active
Deep Trust & Investment Limited Active
De-Lords Securities Limited Active
Dependable Securities Limited Active
Diamond Securities Limited Active
Dominion Trust Limited Active
DSU Brokerage Services Limited Active
Dunbell Securities Limited Active
Dunn Loren Merrifield Securities Limited( formerly ESS Investment & Trust Limited) Active
Dynamic Portfolio Limited Active
EDC Securities Limited Active
Edgefield Capital Management Limited Active
EFCP Limited Active
El-Elyon Alliance and Securities Ltd Active
Elixir Securities Limited (Formerly known as Merit Securities Limited) Active
Enterprise Stockbrokers Limited Active
Equity Capital Solutions Limited Active
Eurocomm Securities Limited Active
Express Portfolio Services Limited Active
Falcon Securities Limited Active
FBC Trust & Securities Limited Active
FBNQuest Securities Limited Active
FCSL Asset Management Company Limited Active
Fidelity Finance Company Limited Active
Financial & Analytics Capital Limited Active
Financial Trust Company Nigeria Limited Active
Finmal Securities Limited Active
First Integrated Capital Mgt Ltd Active
First Stockbrokers Limited Active
FIS Securities Limited Active
Foresight Securities Limited Active
Forte Financial Limited Active
Forthright Securities & Investments Limited Active
Fortress Capital Limited Active
FSDH Securities Limited Active
FSL Securities Limited Active
Funds Matrix & Asset Management Limited Active
Fundvine Capital & Securities Limited Active
Futureview Securities Limited Active
Gidauniya Invest & Sec Ltd Active
Global Asset Management (Nig) Ltd Active
Globalview Capital Limited Active
Golden Securities Limited Active
Greenwich Securities Limited Active
Growth & Development Asset Management Limited active
Gruene Capital Limited (Formerly Mc-Finerco Investment Limited) Active
GTI Securities Limited Active
Harmony Investment & Securities Ltd Active
Heartbeat Investments Limited Active
Hedge Securities & Investment Ltd Active
Helix Securities Limited Active
Heritage Capital Markets Limited Active
ICMG Securities Limited Active
Icon Stockbrokers Limited Active
Imperial Assets Managers Limited Active
Integrated Trust & Investments Limited Active
Interstate Securities Limited Active
Investment Centre Limited Active
Investment One Stockbrokers Int’l Ltd (formerly GTB Securities Limited) Active
Investors & Trust Company Limited Active
Kapital Care Trust & Securities Limited Active
Kedari Capital Limited (Formerly Kedari Securities Ltd) Active
Kinley Securities Limited Active
Kundila Finance Services Limited Active
Lambeth Trust & Investment Company Limited Active
Lead Securities & Invests Ltd Active
Lighthouse Asset Management Limited Active
LongTerm Global Capital Limited Active
Magnartis Finance & Investment Limited Active
Mainstreet Bank Securities Limited Active
Marimpex Finance & Invest Co. Limited Active
Marriot Securities & Investment Co. Ltd Active
Mayfield Investment Limited Active
MBC Securities Limited Active
MBL Financial Services Limited Active
Mega Equities Limited Active
Meristem Stockbrokers Limited Active
Midas Stockbrokers Limited Active
Milestone Capital Management Limited (Formerlly Ocean Securities & Stockbrokers Ltd) Active
Mission Securities Limited Active
Molten Trust Limited Active
Morgan Capital Securities Limited Active
Mountain Investment & Securities Ltd Active
Network Capital Limited (Formerly Crescent Capital Limited) Active
Networth Securities & Finance Ltd Active
Newdevco Invests & Sec. Co. Ltd Active
Nigerian International Securities Ltd Active
Nigerian Stockbrokers Limited Active
Nova Finance & Securities Limited Active
PAC Securities Limited Active
Peace Capital Markets Limited Active
Phronesis Securities Limited Active
Pilot Securities Limited Active
Pinefields Investment Services Limited Active
PIPC Securities Limited Active
Pivot Capital Limited Active
Planet Capital Limited (Merger between Emerging Capital and Strategy & Arbitrage Limited) Active
Portfolio Advisers Limited Active
Primera Africa Securities Limited Active
Primewealth Capital Limited Active
Prominent Securities Limited Active
PSI Securities Limited Active
Pyramid Securities Limited Active
Qualinvest Capital Limited (Formerly Independent Securities Limited) Active
Quantum Securities Limited Active
Rainbow Securities Limited Active
Readings Investment Limited Active
Regency Assets Management Ltd Active
Rencap Securities (Nig) Limited Active
Resort Securities Limited Active
Reward Investment & Service Ltd Active
RMB Nigeria Stockbrokers Limited Active
Rostrum Investment & Sec. Ltd Active
Rowet Capital Mgt Limited Active
Royal Crest Finance Limited Active
Royal Guaranty & Trust Ltd active
Royal Trust Securities Limited active
Santrust Securities Limited Active
Securities & Capital Management Company Limited (formerly Fountain Securities Limited) Active
SECURITIES AFRICA FINANCIAL LIMITED (Formerly Skye Stockbrokers Limited) Active
Security Swaps Limited Active
SFC Securities Limited (FormerlySummit Finance Company Limited) active
Shalom Investment & Securities Limited Active
Shelong Investment Limited Active
Sigma Securities Limited Active
Signet Investment & Securities Ltd Active
Skyview Capital Limited Active
Smadac Securities Limited Active
Solid Rock Securities & Investment Plc Active
Spring Board Trust & Investment Limited Active
Spring Trust & Securities Limited Active
Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers Limited Active
Standard Alliance Capital & Asset Limited Active
Standard Union Securities Ltd Active
TFS Securities & Investment Co. Ltd Active
The Bridge Securities Limited Active
Tiddo Securities Limited Active
Tomil TrustLimited Active
Topmost Sec Ltd Active
Tower Securities & Invest Co. Ltd Active
Trade link Securities Limited Active
Traders Trust & Investment Co. Limited Active
Transworld Investment & Securities Limited Active
Trust Yields Securities Limited Active
Trustbanc Capital Management Limited (Formerly IMTL Securities Limited) Active
Trusthouse Investment Limited Active
TRW Stockbrokers Limited Active
Tyndale Securities Limited (formerlly Truebond Capital & Asset Mgt Ltd) Active
UNEX Capital Limited Active
Union Capital Markets Limited Active
United Capital Securities Limited (Formerly UBA Securities Limited) Active
Valmon Securities Limited Active
Valueline Securities & Investments Limited Active
Vetiva Securities Limited Active
Woodland Capital Markets Plc Active
WSTC Financial Services Limited Active
Zenith Securities Limited Active
Zion Stockbrokers & Securities Limited Active

Below is the list of Inactive stockbrokers

Aims Asset Management Limited Inactive
Alliance Capital Management Co. Ltd Inactive – Deactivated by SEC
Arian Capital Management Limited Inactive
Bestlink Investment Limited Inactive
BGL Securities Limited Inactive
Bytofel Trust & Securities Limited Inactive
Cadington Securities Limited Inactive
CEB Securities Limited Inactive
Clearview Investment & Securities Ltd Inactive
Covenant Securities & Asset Management Limited Inactive
Cradle Trust Finance & Securities Ltd Inactive
Decanon Investment Limited Inactive – Deactivated by SEC
Enabell Capital & Investments Limited      Unactivated
Excel Securities Limited Inactive
Finbank Securities & Assets Management Limited Inactive
First Alstate Securities Limited Inactive
Gem Assets Management Ltd Inactive
GMT Securities & Asset Mgt Limited Inactive
Gombe Securities Limited Inactive
Horizon Stockbrokers Limited Inactive
International Standard Securities Limited Inactive
Investment Shark & Asset Management Limited Inactive
ECL Asset Management Limited Inactive
ITIS Securities Limited Inactive
Kakawa Asset Management Limited Inactive
KFF Worldwide Solutions Limited Unactivated
Kofana Securities & Invest Ltd Inactive
LB Securities Limited Inactive
Lion Stockbrokers Limited Inactive
LMB Stockbrokers Limited Inactive
MACT Securities Limited Inactive
Mainland Trust Limited Inactive
Maven Asset Management Limited Inactive
Maxifund Investment & Securities Plc Inactive
Mercov Securities Limited Inactive
Midland Capital Markets Limited Inactive – Deactivated by SEC
Midpoint Capital Limited Inactive
ML Securities Ltd Inactive
Monument Sec. & Finance Ltd Inactive
Mutual Alliance Invest & Securities Ltd Inactive
Northbridge Invest & Stockbrokers Ltd inactive
Options Securities Limited Inactive
Partnership securities ltd. Inactive
Perfecta Investment Trust Limited Inactive
Platinum Capital Limited Inactive – Deactivated by SEC
PML Securities Company Ltd Inactive
Professional Stockbrokers Ltd inactive
Profund Securities Limited Inactive
Redasel Investment Limited Inactive
Resano Securities Limited Inactive
Riverside Trust Limited InActive – Deactivated by SEC
Securities Solutions Limited Inactive – Deactivated by SEC
Stanwal Securities Limited Inactive
Summa Guaranty & Trust Company Ltd Inactive
Supra Commercial Trust Co. Ltd Inactive
Surport Services Limited Inactive
Tower Asset Management Limited Inactive
Transafrica Financial Services Limited Inactive
UIDC Securities Limited Inactive
Vision Trust & Investment Limited Inactive
Waila Securities and Funds Limited Inactive
Wema Asset Management Limited Inactive
Yobe Investment Company Ltd (Yobe) Inactive
Yuderb Investment & Securities Ltd Inactive

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