List of Annual Public Holidays in Nigeria.

All work without play, makes jack a dull boy they say and even traditional Nigeria people do say ‘Body no be firewood’ meaning for every hardworking individual there should be a public holiday which will serve as leisure time aside weekends.

However most of the public holidays serve as a festivity break either for religion, nation, culture etc. below is the list of annually declared public holidays in Nigeria


1st of January                        New Year


14th of April                            Good Friday


17th of April                            Easter Monday


1st of May                               Workers Day


27th of May                             Children’s Day


29th of May                              Democracy Day


*26th of June                            Eid -el-Fitr


*2nd of September                   Eid-el-Kabir


1st of October                           Independence Day


25th of December                     Christmas Day


26th of December                      Boxing Day


The asterisk (*) public holiday may changed due to the changes in hijra calendar because it depends on moon sighting. This is mainly for the year 2017 and others.

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