List of 27 Local Governments in Borno State and their Headquarters.

List of 27 Local Governments in Borno State and their Headquarters.

Borno State is a state from the 36 state in Nigeria created on 3rd February 1976, with Maiduguri as its capital. It is part of the North-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered by Yobe to the west, Gombe to the southwest, and Adamawa to the south while its eastern border forms part of the national border with Cameroon, its northern border forms part of the national border with Niger, and its northeastern border forms all the national border with Chad, being the only Nigerian state to border three foreign countries.

Borno is the second largest in area(total land area about 72,609 Km2) of the 36 states, after Niger State, which is the largest area in Nigeria. The Nickname of Borno State is “Home of Peace”

It has large deposits of mineral resources like Feldspar, Limestone, Kaolin, Clay, Potash, Iron-Ore, Natural Salt, Quartz, Magnetite, Diatomite, Trona, Mica, Silica Sand, Gypsum, Granite Chips, Flutters Earth and Uranium.

There are three agricultural zones in Borno state which are Biu, Bama and Kukawa. They produce Major crops such as Millet, Sorghum, Maize, Cowpea, Rice, Wheat, Cassava, Cocoyam, Gum Arabic, Livestock, Tamarind, Mangoes, Oranges, Tomatoes, Onions, Cabbage, Lettuce, Spinach and Groundnut.

List of 27 Local Governments in Borno State and their Headquarters.

  1. Abadam ,
  2. Askira/Uba ,
  3. Bama ,
  4. Bayo ,
  5. Biu ,
  6. Chibok ,
  7. Damboa ,
  8. Dikwa ,
  9. Gubio ,
  10. Guzamala ,
  11. Gwoza ,
  12. Hawul ,
  13. Jere ,
  14. Kaga ,
  15. Kala/Balge ,
  16. Konduga ,
  17. Kukawa ,
  18. Kwaya Kusar ,
  19. Mafa ,
  20. Magumeri ,
  21. Maiduguri ,
  22. Marte ,
  23. Mobbar ,
  24. Monguno ,
  25. Ngala ,
  26. Nganzai ,
  27. Shani

List of 27 Local Governments in Borno State and their Headquarters.

The 27 Local Government Areas in Borno state are Abadam, Askira-Uba, Bama, Bayo, Biu, Chibok, Damboa, Dikwa, Gubio Guzamala Gwoza Hawul, Jere, Kaga, Kala/Balge, Kondunga, Kukawa, Kwaya, Kusar, Mafa, Magumeri, Maiduguri, Marte, Mobbar, Monguno, Ngala, Nganzai, Shani.

List of Languages in Borno state

Borno LGA Languages
Askira-Uba Putai; Bura-Pabir; Gude; Kibaku; Marghi Central; Marghi South; Nggwahyi; Nya Huba; Marghi
Bama Shuwa Arabic; Yerwa Kanuri; Wandala; Mafa; Marghi
Biu Bura-Pabir; Dera; Ga’anda; Jara; Putai, Marghi
Chibok Kibaku; Putai; Marghi
Damboa Kibaku; Marghi Central; Putai; Mulgwai; Kanuri
Dikwa Shuwa Arab
Gwoza Cineni; Dghwede; Glavda; Guduf-Gava; Gvoko; Hide; Yerwa Kanuri; Lamang; Mafa; Sukur; Waja; Wandala; Marghi
Hawul Bura,Hwana, Putai mafa; Marghi
Jilbe town Jilbe
Kaga Yerwa Kanuri; Putai
Kala/Balge Shuwa Arab; kanuri; Afade
Konduga Shuwa Arabic; Yerwa Kanuri; Maffa; Putai; Wanda; Marghi
Kukawa Yerwa Kanuri
Kwaya-Kusar Bura, Putai, Marghi South
Maiduguri Yerwa Kanuri; Mafa
Monguno Yerwa Kanuri; Mafa
Ngala Shuwa Arab; Yerwa Kanuri

Other languages of Borno State are Lala-Roba, Tarjumo, Yedina, and Tedaga.

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