How many refineries does Nigeria have? 4 or 5

Nigerians are confused about How many refineries does Nigeria have? 4 or 5, this write up is aimed to explain the needful about the refineries in Nigeria. Nigeria has many mineral is among the oil producing countries in world, producing thousands tones daily. There are actually five (5) refineries in total; of which 4 are owned by Nigerian government through NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) and fifth is owned by Niger Delta Petroleum Resource (NDPR).

NNPC has 4 refineries, two in Port Harcourt (PHRC) and one each in Kaduna (KPRC) and Warri (WRPC). NNPC refineries have a contained filled installed capacity of 445000 bpd. However it saddens the heart that only 3 out of the 4 NNPC refineries are under operation.

The PHRC is made of 2 refineries, located at Alesa Eleme near PH with a jetty 7.5 km away from refinery complex. The current capacity is 210000 bpd while the installed capacity of KRPC and WRPC are 110000 bpd respectively. NDPR operated a 1000 bpd topping plant located at Ogbelle, River state.

Question: How many refineries does Nigeria have? 4 or 5 ….answered above.

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