Business Culture in Nigeria.

Business Culture in Nigeria

Haven known the meaning of BUSINESS, one of the major ideas and knowledge you need to have in business as a business man or woman is what business culture you have to design and put in place to ensure a proper and consistency business operation especially in a country like Nigeria where there a mixed economy system and a lot of angry business competitors.

The question now is what is

business culture in Nigeria?

Business culture in Nigeria is the style or model of business operation within a company. The business culture determines how the different levels of staff communicate and get their tasks and jobs done among one another as well as how employees deal with clients and customers.

The kind of business culture designed and implemented will surely have an impact on the strategic direction of Business. Culture influences management decisions and all business functions from production to accounting.

However, having a great business culture is no longer just an option. Today, workers consider the culture as much as they consider salary and other benefits.
Attention also needs to be brought to the fact that the culture that works for one business or company might not work for another, you can learn from companies who are getting it right, and then get started with your own business culture.

Below are four elements that make fitting up a great business and company culture:

  • Hiring people who fit your cultures

That is to say, when talking about hiring decisions, you don’t hire jerks. It is for this purpose companies always have a rigorous hiring process. Some companies like to bring job candidates into work and given a project to see how the individually and also with others.

  • Having employees know the values and the mission of the company

The purpose why the question “why do you want to work here?” is usually being asked by employers in a job interview is to provide the employer a sense of what the employee knows about the company. If the employees can provide a specific reason for why they want to join that company, it shows the employer they’ve done research on the company and may be a fit for the position.

  • Knowing that good decision can come from anywhere

The employees want to have a meaningful impact on the company and its decision. A company where only management makes decisions is a surefire way to send A and B player away to the other companies.

  • Realizing you’re a team and not a bunch of individuals

The difference between being a team and just a bunch of individuals is that the individuals see themselves as separate from each other ( i.e helping others is forced because you normally operate on your own projects) while a team work together on all work related projects and help where necessary. It doesn’t matter who gets credit for you accomplish everything together. You’re knit together and not separated.

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