Who Amalgamated Nigeria in 1914?

Nigeria comes into existence after the amalgamation of the southerners and northerners in 1914 by the Britain (colonial master) which was named by a British journalist Flora Shaw who later got married to Lord Fredrick Lugard a British administrator. Nigeria was name after the discovery of River Niger and its area.

Flora Shaw combined the words “Niger” known as country’s longest river and “Area”  means its environs to get the word “Nigeria”(referring to the area surrounding the river Niger). The adjectival form being “Nigerian” referring to or means people from the River Niger Area(Nigeria).

Nigeria is an Amalgam of the words: ‘River Niger Area’. The predominantly North and South were formed into one country for administrative ease. Although the benefits seems to be wise but at times debatable,nevertheless the decision brought into existence the largest Black African nation on earth.

flora shaw and lugard

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