How to start a biscuit business in Nigeria.

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Biscuit is one of the most regularly consumed products of the wheat-based bakery. Learning how to start a biscuit business is one of the ideal things you can ever do today. This is because since biscuits are easily digestible, highly nutritious, and in a portable size, they have become a favorite among young and old.

As we all know Biscuits have a longer useful life and lifespan, are easily conveyed and light in weight. Additionally, it is not too costly to produce biscuits.

How to start a biscuit business in Nigeria


Market Structure of Biscuit Business in Nigeria

Research has indicated that at present, there are about sixteen biscuit manufacturers exist and operate in Nigeria with an estimated biscuit consumption of between 400,000 – 550,000 tons yearly.

As I said earlier, biscuits will for a long time continue to remain a money spinner business in Nigeria.

We all know that biscuit is ever patronizing by young and old in the country of Nigeria, like in school, both nursery and primary schools in Nigeria and also tertiary institutions.

The success of biscuit business in Nigeria comes as a result of focus in highly delicious and appetizing biscuit, secondly a very good plan on an effective marketing strategy.

Moreover, one needs to know that the success of a business in Nigeria requires the proprietor to be prepared to deliver, as the market of Nigeria is very competitive and competitive indeed.

Conditions Necessary for Starting-up a Biscuit Business in Nigeria

First of all, before launching your biscuit business, you have to contact the relevant Government regulatory bodies for matters as it may concern the production of food in Nigeria.

They include; the Standards Organization of Nigeria, National Health Insurance Scheme, NAFDAC, Ministry of health and for company registration the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

These bodies mentioned above will provide you with the necessary licensing you need to operate your biscuit business in Nigeria.

As we all know that there is no business without Capital, be it external source or internal source.

You also need to acquire a sufficient start-up capital for effective running of your business. Of course, you cannot succeed in this business without sufficient start up and running capital

It is very important to take into consideration the siting of your biscuit business in Nigeria close to the raw materials needed in the production.

Also locating the factory close to a place where you can enjoy as much social amenities like power supply (electricity), manpower supply, motorable road and so on.

Production is a thing, why patronage is another thing. To guarantee the principle of going concern for your biscuit business in Nigeria, you also need to design an effective selling strategy.

Through online marketing, you can advertise and get your biscuit business known and marketed to the consumers. You can advertise your business here in too.

You need to know that online marketing should never replace the need to sell your products in shops and stores in Nigeria areas.

You also need to know the current, contemporary and future wholesale pricing from local biscuit wholesalers in Nigeria.

This will determine and give you an overview of your monthly expenditures as well as income ratios and other necessary details.

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Labour is one of the factors that determine production. If you’re running a large biscuit business in Nigeria, then it demands that you hire the best employees to assist you to accomplish your business set goals.

Your employees must be people of integrity who are experienced in biscuit baking. They must also possess good communication skills.

Your product price must not be too high so that it will not discourage potential clients and business partners. A well-reviewed price must be enacted.

An advertisement is the creation of awareness to the public about your new products. In order to make huge sales, you need to advertise your business.

Through online marketing, you can advertise and get your biscuit business known and marketed to the consumers. You can advertise your business here in too

We are accommodating.

Machines and licenses required for Biscuit Production

Setting your Biscuit Factory Capacity

Let’s say that you wish to produce Chocolate Spread Coaster BiscuitCrispy Biscuit, and Cracker Biscuit.

Your biscuit plant has an installed capacity to produce about 250kg of Biscuit/hour. That means it will produce 2500kg each day.

This gives about 60% of an installed capacity which works for a single shift – 10hours per day. Annually, that gives you about 280days per year.

This estimate will then improve yearly by 10% until the fully installed biscuit plant capacity is finally achieved. That would take a period of about 5years.

However, these are just estimates. Haven enough capital at your disposal, you can start and run your factory with a few months.

Our proposed plant under consideration here is required to employ about 14 factory workers including skilled as well as semi-skilled. You also need up to 9 management and administrative staffs.

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List of Biscuit Machinery to be used

Personal views

Haven done all of the above, you still might not succeed in the biscuit business in Nigeria until you get mentorship from veterans in the field. The services of food and nutritionist are also required.

You need to get good mentorship from experienced and educated people in the line, and also get educated on the entire process yourself.

Also, you can’t succeed in biscuit business in Nigeria. Therefore, you need to know the in-and-out of the entire manufacturing and production process first. That doesn’t mean you must necessarily be an expert.

Lastly, seeking customers’ feedback is very important. They are responsible to tell you where you have done well and where you need to improve on. Keep on learning, keep on planning, keep on Earning and never stop investing and re-investing.

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