Charity Organizations in Nigeria

Charity Organizations in Nigeria


Charity Organisations in Nigeria is quite different from NGOs, that is to say Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs). In the previous posts we’ve discussed the meaning of NGOs and also lists of NGOs in Nigeria wasn’t not left undiscussed.

Here in this post we shall bring the meaning of Charity organizations in Nigeria to limelight and also put a searchlight on the lists of Charity organizations in Nigeria.

charity organisations in Nigeria



What is Charity organization?


Charitable organizations are a kind of business or organisation that is part of non-profit organization (NPO) category.

Charity organisation may be defined as a kind of entity or organisation focused on religious, educational or other public interest activities (such as Human Right Activist) that are philanthropic in nature.

It is patinent to know that, Charity organisations in Nigeria are sometimes regarded as charity or foundation, which can either be public or private.

The legal definition of what constitutes a charitable organisation varies according to its country of origin, depending on the location or country in which the charitable organization operates.

As said earlier, some charity organizations in Nigeria operate as private foundations that obtain their principal funding and finance through a corporation, family, individual or other single financial source that does not seek or request public funding.

Private foundations usually use endowment funds to provide grants to outside or affiliated organizations that support the foundation objectives.

Public, operating foundations or charities usually receive grants from the government, private foundations and individuals, they are financed and managed by the government and its agencies

Although some public charities may engage in grant making activities, the majority of them are concerned with tax-exempt activities.


Qualifying Factors



Activities of Charity Organizations in Nigeria

Kinds of charitable organizations engage in activities such as;

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