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Meaning of the Nigeria Coat of arms(logo,Symbol,Picture,Image inclusive)

Nigeria’s coat of arms is her national emblem consisting of symbols which show the unity of the country. It stands for authority and power.

The Black shield represents the good soil of Nigeria,

The Eagle represents the strength of Nigeria and

The Horses represent the dignity and the pride of Nigeria.

The mark on the shield which looks like letter ‘Y’ represents the Rivers Niger and Benue which flow through parts of Nigeria.

The Flowers stand for the beauty of Nigeria.

They are of the species Coctus spectabilis and are found in most parts of Nigeria. The Green, white, Green band on which the eage stands represents Agriculture, Peace, and Agriculture. Nigeria’s motto is the unity and faith, peace and progress and is written on the Coat of Arms.

Nigeria coat of arms

Nigeria coat of arms

Question: Meaning of the Nigeria Coat of arms(logo,Symbol,Picture,Image inclusive) ..Answered above

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