Month: June 2017

International Non-governmental Organizations

The International non-governmental organizations are the NGOs that deal or operate on issues as it may concern and involve countries and nations around the world. International non-governmental organization is aimed at promoting and ensuring a peaceful relationship among the countries, and also an even development of the countries and nations in the world. They are […]

List of Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) in Nigeria

The following are the List of NGOs in Nigeria: Old Peoples Support International Total Care Unit Ven Dr. Josiah Alozie Foundation Action Aid for the Unemployed Global Peace Development Society for Telemedicine and E-Health in Nigeria Lygel Youths & Leadership Initiatives Rural Urban Development Read also the meaning and functions of NGOs in Nigeria See list of International […]

Sources of business finance and their advantages and disadvantages

In the previous post we discussed the sources of business finance, in case you missed that click here to read more. Here, we shall be talking about the merits and demerits of the sources of business finance we mentioned earlier.  Before you set out to secure funding, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages […]